AI-IN-A-BOX™ Curriculum

The AI-IN-A-BOX™ Curriculum includes 8 lessons and a showcase event. Through this curriculum, students will know and be able to implement 6 essential AI concepts, and create projects of how they can make our world better with AI.

The Six AI Concepts

The Showcase

An event where student projects are presented and shared with an audience. The scale varies, it can be a classroom, a club, a school, a region, or the WAICY (World Artificial Intelligence Competiton for Youth).

Lesson Plans

  • Lesson 1: Robots and Facial Recognition
  • Lesson 2: Visual Recognition
  • Lesson 3: Object Manipulation
  • Lesson 4: Landmark-based Navigation
  • Lesson 5 Speech Generation and Recognition
  • Lesson 6 State Machine Programming
  • Lesson 7 Project Production
  • Lesson 8 Project Enhancement and Rehearsal

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