ReadyAI Curriculum

The ReadyAI Curriculum includes customizable AI lessons and a showcase event. Through this curriculum, students will know and be able to implement 6 essential AI concepts, and create projects of how they can make our world better with AI.

AI’s Big Ideas for K-12

Big Idea #1: Computers perceive the world using sensors.

Big Idea #2: Agents maintain models/representations of the world and use them for reasoning.

Big Idea #3: Computers can learn from data.

Big Idea #4: Making agents interact comfortably with humans is a substantial challenge for AI developers.

Big Idea #5: AI applications can impact society in both positive and negative ways.

*David Touretzky, Christina Gardner-McCune, Fred Martin, Deborah Seehorn.AI4K12.orgEnvisioning AI for K-12: What should every child know about AI?

The Showcase

An event where student projects are presented and shared with an audience. The scale varies, it can be a classroom, a club, a school, a region, or the WAICY (World Artificial Intelligence Competiton for Youth).

Past Student Projects

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