ReadyAI hosts regional, national, and world AI competitions(WAICY). We provide AI educational program to schools and districts, provide professional training to teachers and parents, and conduct research on how to use the most advanced technology to teach AI concepts in a classroom. Below are the partners that ReadyAI has worked with on AI educational programs, WAICY, curriculum development, and evaluation.

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Why become a ReadyAI local partner?

  • To increase the reach and impact of your organization using our proven AI education model.
  • To access our free and most updated AI curriculums and teaching materials for K-12AI education.
  • To become eligible to order teaching materials like medals, trophies, stickers, etc. for both classrooms and competitions.
  • To build relationships with and gain support from a global network of K-12 AI education.

How to become an authorized ReadyAI local partner:

  1. Complete and submit the PARTNER APPLICATION FORM.
  2. We will then contact you with more details about our partnership program.