ReadyAI Teacher Program

Built to help anyone interested in teaching AI to K-12 students, our program envisions a future where ReadyAI teachers drive the development of AI education. With our credential system, you can start without any STEM education experience and become a judge at WAICY finals!

  • Career Development and Advancement Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Earn credentials to become a trainer of teachers and/or a judge

ReadyAI Teacher Certification

Certifications for Everyone

Whether you are an individual or an educator, anyone can obtain a ReadyAI Teacher Certification. If you’re an educator who knows how to teach AI with ReadyAI curriculum, this certification proves your ability. Teachers can get certified by going through ReadyAI Teacher Training Session.

Why get certified?

  • Be in ReadyAI certified teachers system where you can be found
  • Gain points in your ReadyAI Profile
  • Gain eligibility to certify other teachers
  • Get qualified to be judges of national and international WAICY judge