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Certified Teachers
James Carter
Level 1
City: Pittsburgh
Certified Date: 2018.11.16

I come from the city of Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhood. I am an educator at a local school/center where I also live and teach early childhood. I also coach special needs and advocate for their future. I attend college for liberal arts, science, and software development. I am a proud ReadyAI certified teacher. I’m passionate about anything in technology learning and education.

Bill Black
Level 2
City: Pittsburgh
Certified Date: 2018.11.28

Montour School District, David E. Williams MS STEM Teacher, Grades 5-8. I have been teaching STEM now for 7 years and came into the AI world in July 2018. Currently teaching students in 7th and 8th grade AI utilizing ReadyAi Curriculum along with Calypso Programming tool.

Subhagupta Vura
Level 1
City: Pittsburgh
Certified Date: 2018.12.04
Shubha Agrawal
Level 1
City: Pittsburgh
Certified Date: 2018.12.12
Yongtai Li
Level 1
City: Houston

Hi my name is Yongtai Li, currently working as a Algebra2 and geometry teacher in Longview High school, TX. I graduated from University of Pittsburgh and majored in petroleum engineering. I had 4 year experience in an engineering and service company in oil and gas industry in Middle East.

Teachers pending
Anshu Rai
City: Bridgeville