Case Study: Quigley Catholic High School

Fast Facts

  • Organization: Quigley Catholic High School (QCHS)

  • Type: Private, Coeducational

  • Program: Freetime option + Club option

  • Club size: 10

  • Age range: 14-18

  • Instruction time: 90 minutes

  • Instructors: one Physics teacher and one history teacher

  • AI-in-a-Box™ used: 6

  • Classroom style: paired, self-guided

  • Male to Female ratio: 1 : 1


Quigley Catholic High School is located in Baden, Pennsylvania. It is the only Roman Catholic high school in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. It has been named as a Catholic High School of Excellence. This honor of distinction is earned by less than 5% of all Catholic high schools in the nation. 99% of Quigley Catholic’s graduates matriculate to college. Recent graduates have been awarded an average of $161,000 per student in non-need based grants and scholarships.


QCHS expressed interest in ReadyAI and its programs in July 2018, when visiting a workshop that ReadyAI hosted in Pittsburgh. The workshop was set up to prepare students for the World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) which took place at Carnegie Mellon University on July 28th, 2018.

This fall, ReadyAI has equipped computers in the lab with AI-in-a-Box™. QCHS becomes one of the first Catholic schools to work with ReadyAI to implement the element of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its computer lab. The learning environment is set up so students can choose to work on AI-in-a-Box™ during one or two hours when they have the freedom to either work on their homework or do something in the computer lab. Also in the lab, are other robotic platforms and a VR headset. Students are also running ReadyAI clubs which meets every other week.

QCHS students who learned the curriculum will be able to develop a project to enter WAICY in the future.