Case Study: Tsinghua University High School

Fast Facts

  • Organization: Tsinghua University High School,

  • Region: Beijing, China

  • Type: High school

  • Programs: summer extracurricular class

  • Class size: 20-40

  • Classroom style: Lecture + Individual Coaching for WAICY

  • Final participation: 6 students

  • Age range: 13-17

  • WAICY Instruction time: 20 days, 5-6 hours/day

  • WAICY Instructor: Full-time Science Teacher

  • AI-in-a-Box™ used: 2


Tsinghua University High School (which more precisely translates to “The High School Attached to Tsinghua University”) is a prestigious high school located in Beijing, China. Being one of the four best high schools in Beijing, perhaps the most competitive city in China in terms of educational resources, Tsinghua University High School (TUHS) provides a wide range of activities for its 1,200 students. STEM education is certainly one of the school’s strongest suit.  


TUHS hosts summer class for a group of 20-40 students for three weeks. ReadyAI introduced AI-in-a-Box™ to the class prior to WAICY 2018. The students, aged 13-17, had prior computer science experience in python and were able to incorporate OpenCV in the project. (Cozmo’s SDK and other tools are opensource.) Science teachers at the school facilitated the learning and research of the projects. Two teams, a total of 6 students, were selected to compete in WAICY. One of the teams won the unlimited division as well as the Multimedia Excellence Award for Preparation and Delivery.