Case Study: Chengdu STEM Education and Science, LLC

Fast Facts

  • Organization: Chengdu STEM Education and Science, LLC
  • Region: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Type: For-profit Club
  • Programs: extracurricular student advancement programs
  • Class size: 5-10
  • Classroom style: Coaching
  • Final participation: 17 students
  • Age range: 11-17
  • WAICY Instruction time: 20 – 30 hours
  • WAICY Instructor: Full-time STEM instructors at the club
  • AI-in-a-Box™ used: 2
  • Male to Female ratio: 10 : 7


Chengdu STEM Education and Science is a company that provides training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields for students in China. Its programs include research projects, lab courses, programming and robotics courses.


ReadyAI provided training for two full-time instructors from Chengdu STEM Education and Science. The club recruited 17 students in the program, which spanned over 20-30 hours of time. During the training sessions, instructors provided support on the toolkit as well as the project. Because of the low student-to-instructor ratio, the instructors were guiding more so than instructing.

All 17 students participated in WAICY 2018 and two of the teams scored the highest in the China region.