Case Study: Sichuan Air Golden Bridge Education and Technology

Fast Facts

  • Organization: Sichuan Air Golden Bridge Education and Technology

  • Region: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

  • Type: For-profit Language Training Club

  • Programs: Extracurricular Language Training

  • Class size: 8

  • Classroom style: Lecture + Individual Coaching for WAICY

  • Age range: 9-12

  • Instructor: Full-time English Teacher

  • AI-in-a-Box™ used: 2

  • Male-to-Female ratio: 1:1


Sichuan Air Golden Bridge Education and Technology (AGB) is a language training club based in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It provides English training to students of all ages.


AGB is the only language training club that participated in WAICY 2018, making it very special. Prior to AGB’s classes, ReadyAI trained three English teachers from AGB, preparing them to teach and coach for WAICY. The club eventually recruited 8 elementary students, aged 9-12. After a few weeks of training, the students formed two teams to enter the competition. Preparation for WAICY not only exposed the students with AI, but also helped the students enhance their English language skills. AI and English skills are both viewed as crucial in the current Chinese education field. The combination of both differentiated the club’s program from others.