WAICY 2019 Pittsburgh Regional Competition will be held on December 17th

Join us on December 17th at the Montour School District for the WAICY 2019 Pittsburgh Regional Competition.

Time & Location

  • Dec 17th, 2018
  • 9 am to 12 pm
  • Montour Athletic Center, 223 Clever Rd, McKees Rocks, PA 15136


  1. [3-min Demonstration] Teams will develop demonstrations of ways artificial intelligence can help improve the quality of life in today’s and tomorrow’s world.
    1. The goal of the demonstration is to answer one question: How can AI change our lives?
    2. You may present the answer in the forms of games, simulations, or dramatic scenarios, etc.
    3. If your project is a simulation of concepts, be sure to indicate how your project represents the real world.
    4. Narration or human-AI interaction are allowed during the demonstration.
  2. [5-min Presentation] Teams will then prepare an oral presentation about the demonstration.
    1. This presentation should focus on various steps of the production of the project.
    2. Student(s) can talk about their goals, themes, stories, design, production, etc.
    3. There’s no limitation on what the presentation can include, as long as it’s relevant to the project.
    4. Visual aids(slides or insertion of other videos)  are allowed.
    5. Any number of registered member of the team can participate in the oral presentation.
  3. [Live Q&A] Regarding the project, the judges will then ask questions about the project and the students will answer.


On competition day, teams will go up in order and present in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.

  • Following the demonstration, teams that are physically on-site must do the oral presentation live.


  1. The competition is open to all students around the world.
  2. If students represent any organizations, each organization can send multiple teams.
  3. Each team should be consist of between 1-5 persons. Each participant in the team must register.
  4. Each student is only allowed to be on one team.
  5. All participants in a group must be between Age 3 and Grade 12 when they register for the standard divisions. Participants in the unlimited division must be under 21 years old.
  6. Coaches are allowed, whose role is to facilitate the preparation only. Therefore, coaches are not allowed to be part of the demonstration, presentation, or Q&A. If the organizing committee or the judging panel rules that any coaches’ involvement is beyond the reasonable limit, the teams will be disqualified immediately and no certificate will be awarded.


The teams will be scored based on their age. the demonstration, the oral presentation, and their performance during the Q&A session. The scoring criteria are below:

[AI Criteria] The entire project should include one or more of the following aspects of artificial intelligence:

  • Visual recognition of objects and/or custom markers
  • Visual recognition of faces and/or facial expressions
  • speech generation
  • speech recognition
  • landmark-based navigation (automated or semi-automated)
  • object manipulation (automated or semi-automated)

The inclusion of each of the 7 aspects above gives 10 points in total. There’s a maximum of 50 points in total that a team can get in this way.

[multimedia criteria] Videos and presentations will also be scored based on:

  • Storyline/Game logic: Creativity and clarity are encouraged.
  • Visual Design (set design, set construction, the creation of custom objects the robot can interact with, the creation of robot “costumes” or accessories): customized design and artistry are encouraged.
  • Audio Design (sound effects, narration, or music in the demonstration video): audio design that enhances the storyline or the game experience are encouraged.
  • Theme/Message (the overall theme or message by the project): Social awareness and human-robot interaction are encouraged.
  • Preparation and Delivery (the way the project is prepared and delivered): careful preparation, enthusiastic and engaging delivery are encouraged.

Teams can score a maximum of 10 in each criterion, totaling 100 points combined with the AI criteria. Judging Rubrics containing specific judging criteria will be sent to registered participants.

Teams will be scored by the judges and the judges only. The scores will be available before the award ceremony and the awards will be given out based on the scores only.


Teams, based on their average grade as of the registration deadline and their choice of platform, will be divided into four divisions. Within each division, grade information will be available to the judges and will be reflected in the scores.

The Standard Junior,  Standard Intermediate, and Standard Senior divisions will be supplied with ReadyAI’s AI-in-a-box™ that includes a Cozmo® robot by Anki, the Calypso software framework, and training materials. Teams competing in the Unlimited division will choose their own hardware and software.

Certificates, Awards, and Prizes

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Prizes & Awards
    • Division Awards: the highest scored projects in each division
    • Multimedia Excellence Awards: the highest scored projects in terms of their score under each multimedia criterion
    • Outstanding Coaches Awards: every coach whose team won the Division Awards or the Multimedia Excellence Awards
    • Outstanding Organizations Awards: every organization that has representing teams winning the Division Awards or the Multimedia Excellence Awards

Registration Fees