Discover the magic mix of hardware and software in one box!

A packaged solution just for you

We’ve designed bundled solutions of robots, accessories, and curricular resources specifically for educational settings. Our solution addresses the needs of your AI clubs, classrooms, library events, and more. Choose the pack of essentials just right for your group of students.

AI-IN-A-BOX                     $3,599

6-15 students

Plus 1-year curricular updates and 1-year technical and educational support.

AI-in-a-Box™ Home


AI-in-a-Box™ – Home Plus


AI-in-a-Box™ Summer Camp Edition


6 Aspects in AI Learning

Here is a series of training video focusing on following aspects:

  • Visual Recognition
  • Landmark-based Navigation
  • Object Manipulation
  • Facial Recognition and Expressions
  • Speech Generation
  • Speech Recognition

AI-in-a-Box Tutorial

Check out our Quick Start Guide here