ReadyAI Summer Camp Program


Everything you need for AI education

  • 1 ReadyAI Online Learning Platform login account
  • 1 AI Passport (AI Profile)
  • a FREE AI-in-a-Box (with every 5 summer program accounts purchased; valid only in United States until April 30th, 2019)
  • FREE teacher training (if needed)
Buy five courses and get one AI-in-a-Box!


Everything you need for AI education

Skill Level:All levels. No prior coding, robotics, or AI skills needed.
Path:Project-based learning
Prerequisite:No prior STEM experience is required. Have fun and learn about AI!
Tool:ReadyAI will provide a free AI-in-a-Box to each group (limited time offer, terms and conditions apply).


In this Course, your students will get:

    • A Free AI-in-a-Box (Terms and Conditions Apply) for Camp teams (5 students/team).
    • Access to the Online Learning Platform for both Students and Teschers (Teacher training available)
    • A Platform for Students to Share their AI-powered Learning
    • AI Passports
    • Access to the Global Community of AI Learners


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