Measurement and Evaluation 

v 1.0

The ReadyAI measurement system was first introduced in the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Competition (WAICY) on July 28th, 2018, as the judging rubric for the competition. The rubric resembles our belief in engaging students of all interests by emphasizing on the “non-technical” components of the projects. 50% of the possible points are based on the creative/artistic aspects (visual design, audio design, etc.), while the other 50% is based on the technical/programming aspects. As we continue to create opportunities for AI learning, we would like to maintain the 50/50 format in our student assessments. In a way, we are sending a message, that the creative/artistic aspects of the projects are just as important as the technical/programming aspects.

We would like to put forward a measurement and evaluation system that helps us monitor and modify our programs. This system aligns with our beliefs. And, it will evolve to align with any future standards in the subject of AI.

Student Assessment

CategoriesStudents should be able to understand/do:Outcome
AI ConceptsVisual Recognition;

Facial Recognition;

Landmark-based Navigation;

Object Manipulation;

Speech Recognition;

Speech Generation

Scores on quizzes

Scores on projects (based on the rubrics)

Command of Programming Tools and Programming LogicBasic commands of Calypso;

Prediction of the outcomes of programs

Scores on quizzes

Scores on projects (based on the rubrics)

Project SkillsCreate a project with clear step-by-step outcomesScores on projects (based on the rubrics)
Multimedia/Creative SkillsCreate and enhance the projects in aspects of visual/audio design, story design, presentation designScores on projects (based on the rubrics)
Thinking in the context of AICome up and present an idea about how AI can change the world for the betterDemonstrated in the projects

Pre and Post Program Surveys

The familiarity of AI conceptsThe familiarity of AI concepts
Attitude towards AIAttitude towards AI
Time spent outside of the program learning about AITime spent outside of the program learning about AI
Interest in pursuing a career in related fieldsInterest in pursuing a career in related fields

The post-program survey will also include student opinions on

The difficulty level of the toolkit
The relevancy of the topics
The quality of instruction
The effectiveness of class format and style
(Other case-specific aspects)