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About ReadyAI Lab

ReadyAI Lab believes that all students should have access to artificial intelligence, not only students with computer science backgrounds or those who attend schools with highly developed technology programs. At ReadyAI Lab, we want to make AI learning a reality and help students to be empowered to use AI to change the world.

In This Course, Your Child Will:


Session 1 – Meet Cozmo and Meet AI

What is a robot, and how is Cozmo different?

The ReadyAI program focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) in robotics. So, it is important that students understand the AI capabilities of the tools. It is also important that students know they can set up the system and recognize that they will create a project in the program.

Session 2 – Computer Vision

Why is object recognition important to AI?

This session allows students to describe what object recognition/facial recognition is, demonstrate their ability to program AI object recognition/facial recognition, and express applications for the features of Cozmo they experience.

Session 3 – Physical Interactions

Why does AI need to be able to manipulate objects?

Applying the principles of navigation, students will learn to navigate their AI units to objects and then manipulate the objects. Students will also be introduced to the limitations of AI manipulation not only with their own units but also in the world.

Session 4 – Interacting with the World

How can AI interact with humans and the environment?

Applying the principles of object identification, students will assist their AI units to identify faces. Additionally, students will employ speech recognition and generation to associate their AI units with their commands. At the end of this session, students will also make a final project using the knowledge and skills that they developed through the course.


Session 1 – Intro to Calypso

What are the “Five Laws” of Calypso

Calypso is a rule-based programming language for learning about and having fun with intelligent robots. The Calypso curriculum provides a framework for reasoning about programs. If students can reason effectively about programs then they can predict the robot’s behavior, diagnose problems when things go wrong, and of course write programs of their own.

Session 2 – Pages and State Machine Programming

What major challenges does the world face? What challenge do you think AI can help with best?

After synthesizing the functions of their AI units, students will begin to plan their project, identifying what they would like to accomplish, what they can do, what they need, and what will require additional assistance.

Session 3 – Project Construction

How can AI connect many different kinds of jobs and interests?

During the project planning session, students will spend time programming, designing, creating, and collaborating.

Session 4 – Project Refinement

Why are rehearsing and troubleshooting important?

ReadyAI Lab encourages students to rehearse in front of their own groups as well as the class they have been a part of for seven sessions now. This session should be used to allow groups to present their projects, including their audio/visual components and their AI demonstration. Students should be encouraged to self-identify issues that need resolving prior to the competition.

Class Schedule – 2019 Winter and 2020 Spring

Location: 5777 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Beginners (Grade 3-8)


EVERY SATURDAY 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Intermediate (Grade 3-8)


EVERY SATURDAY 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Artificial Intelligence Lab Beginners Course

$11999per student

Artificial Intelligence Lab Intermediate Course

$14999per student

This was my second year participating in WAICY. It is a fun camp and competition.  It helps kids like me learn about robotics and AI. The teachers are very supportive and engaging, and the program is easy to make. In the camp, you have to work with a team and it can teach kids how to work together. I made many new friends because of this camp and competition. Because of these great experiences in the past two years, I will be BACK!

Andy Y.

This is a great program that introduces the most cutting edge ideas of AI, teaches programming and robotics, and encourages teamwork. The best of all, kids are having fun while learning. The instructors and staff members are all very nice. I’d highly recommend this program to all the parents.

Sherry Y.

“My son really enjoyed the summer 2019 WAICY experience. He learned many important AI concepts while enjoying teamwork and creativity.”

Betsy I.