ReadyAI Qualifying Points System


There are two types of competitions leading into the WAICY Final on July 27th, 2019.

  • The Majors are competitions that take places around Spring 2019, covering a region or a country. They are bigger events and there are a total of 10000 points in each division.
  • The Minors are competitions and events that take places anytime during the year at any locations. They are smaller events and there are a total of 2000 points in each division.

The Majors and the Minors require no qualifying points to participate. Students earn qualifying points by participating in Majors and Minors. Before the open registration of the WAICY Final, invitations will be sent out to students ranked within the top 50% worldwide, as well as the top 50% in the country. Rules about wildcards will be announced later.

During the Majors and the Minors, once the final results are determined, the qualifying points will be given to students individually based on his/her achievements and rankings. The points will be divided equally among team members if there are multiple. For one-person teams, points will accumulate entirely on the individual.

Based on the rankings and awards, the points will be given as such:


Percentage Points Major Points Minor
1 18% 1800 360
2 12% 1200 240
3 9% 900 180
4 7% 700 140
5-8 5% 500 100
8-12 3% 300 60
Multimedia Awards*5 40% 4000 800
Participation 6% 600 120
Total Points 100% 10000 2000

For example, if a team of 5 students won the first place and one of the multimedia awards in the Beijing Major (which had a total of 500 participants), the points they would get is calculated as below:

1800 (for winning the first place) + 800 (for winning one of the multimedia)

= 1800 + 800

= 2600

5 of them will share the points, so each of them will get 2600/5 = 520

Each of them will also get participation points of 600/500 = 1.2

So each of the team members will get 521.2 points at the Beijing Major.