Funniest Robot Challenge

You will code in the Calypso AI programming framework to participate in the challenge. Your program will make the virtual robot tell a joke to you! 

Submissions are due by July 1st. After that, we will be evaluating the most creative joke and sending the prize your way!

Follow the steps below to complete the challenge: 

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “+” signs to make the following program:

 WHEN hear "tell me a joke" DO say "knock knock"
 WHEN hear "who's there" DO say "ready AI"
 WHEN hear "ready AI who" DO say "ready AI don't know any jokes"
  1. Press the backspace key (the delete key on Macs) to run the program, then speak to the robot. Allow microphone allow when prompted. You can press backspace again to stop the program.
  2. Modify the program to make your own joke! 
  3. Send a video or screenshot of your program to Title your email “Funniest Robot Challenge.” 
  4. The person with the best joke submission will receive an AI-IN-A-BOX with Cozmo and Student Workbook! 

Using the AI-IN-A-BOX, you will be able to run your joke program on the real robot, among many, many cool projects that you will explore in the Workbook!