ReadyAI – Middle School

Lesson 7: Project Workshop

Essential Question

How can AI connect many different kinds of jobs and interests?

Summary of Lesson

During this session, the instructor’s main role will be that of a “guide by the side.” Students should spend the bulk of their time programming, designing, creating, and collaborating.



Can students …

  • present their projects to their teacher?
  • create the artistic backdrop for their project?
  • create the programming backdrop for their project?


Students will be able to

  • describe what object recognition is.
  • demonstrate their ability to program AI object recognition.
  • express applications for the features of Cozmo they experience.

Tools and Materials

  • AI-IN-A-BOX™ (1 per 2-5 students)
  • Materials necessary for project creation. See Handout 6.1 submitted by students for ideas of what may be necessary, which should include basic art supplies.
  • Returned Handout 6.1
  • PowerPoint 7
  • Lesson Plan Print Version

Connecting to Prior Knowledge

What did you still need to complete for your project?

If you have any question about the lesson plan, please contact

Teaching Guide

Ice Breakers (15 minutes)

Teacher begins with, “Now that you have your projects planned, let’s look at a good example of a project from a previous class.”

Teacher shares the following video:

Teacher may encourage discussion using the following questions.

  • What artistic projects did this group need to complete its project?
  • What coding projects were needed to complete its project?
  • Why was this group successful?
    • Teacher should also use the opportunity to emphasize soft skills needed, i.e. leadership, communication, collaboration, assigning tasks, etc.

Teacher resources:

Check for understanding:

Why was this group successful?


It’s time for you to work on your project!

Student Production (40 minutes)

Students should create presentations, code their AI units, and work on the artistic aspect of their projects.

Work should be divided up using the revised role sheet from Lesson 6, allowing all members of the group to be working actively on artistic design, presentation, scripting code, and/or coordination within the group and with the teacher.

As this lesson is largely meant as a workshop, the teacher’s role will be to advise and guide the individual groups. This can best take place by the teacher circulating and assisting groups individually yet allowing them the latitude to work through issues as a group through troubleshooting, research, trial and error, and collaboration.

If instructors or students have technical questions, they may reach out to

Teacher resources:

Check for understanding:

What troubles did you face today? How will you overcome them?


What have you completed so far? What will you still need to complete?

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher will ask students to share their accomplishments thus far as well as what they need to do.

Teacher may want to collect Handouts 6.1 so they are not lost.

Students assist in putting away their group’s AI-IN-A-BOX™.

Check for understanding:

During our next session, we will have an opportunity to rehearse as a class before the competition.